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Twelve dynamic sermons that will stir your soul. How to Pray for Your Pastor, Overflowing Christians, Before the Storm, In the Storm, and After the Storm. These anointed messages are some that will be long remembered .
This book is the answer to many requests of people from all across the United States. Brother Barnes ministry of faith more than qualifies him to write on this subject.
Prophet in our Time is the life story of T.W.Barnes. Nona Freeman puts words into book form following many extensive interviews with Brother Barnes.
In the pages of this book,  meet Reverend & Mrs. T. W. Barnes in their formative years and see the journey they traveled from then until now. Michael D. Gray, author and grandson of Rev. & Mrs. T. W. Barnes gives readers an intimate view of this godly man and woman as only a family member could.
This book outlines to the reader how to use the Word to defeat Satan. The book was written in response to Christians from all over the world who contacted him requesting help in their battles with spiritual wickedness in high places.
This small sampling of messages by Tom Barnes illustrate the paradox of pure humility wielding life-changing authority in the name of Jesus. He proclaims with assurance that, Jesus is the answer for every human woe.